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Foire aux questions (FAQ)

  • How do I register as a Challenge participant?​
    To register: Complete the online participant registration form available on the registration page by selecting your home organization (if applicable) ; That's it ! Your registration is complete. With your email address and password, you will have access to your dashboard. You can then enter your trips during the week of the Challenge.
  • What is the definition of the modes of transportation in the Challenge without a solo car?
    Here is how the Solo No Car Challenge defines the different modes of transportation: Auto solo: the use of a vehicle with only one adult on board Carpooling: the use of a vehicle with several people of driving age (17 years and over) during the same trip Public transport: the use of a public mode of transport (for example: bus, metro, commuter train, ferry, etc.) Active transportation: modes of transportation for which the user is the driving force of travel (for example: walking, cycling, skateboarding, scootering, etc.)< /p> Telecommuting: working from home or in a third place, rather than from your usual place of work
  • ​ What are the advantages of participating in the Défi sans auto solo as an organization?
    The Challenge is an opportunity to integrate a promotion campaign in favor of sustainable transport with other initiatives of your organization related to sustainable development, health and employee well-being. By participating, you can: Meet your organizational objectives for sustainable development, health and well-being — reduction of transportation-related GHG emissions, reduction of stress and fatigue, increased productivity, better physical health, etc. Asserting yourself as a leader in the environment and sustainable mobility — a certificate is awarded to the winning organizations; Reward your staff or your student community — several corporate and individual participation prizes are up for grabs.
  • ​ What are the advantages of participating in the Challenge without a solo car as a participant?
    The Challenge is an opportunity to integrate sustainable transportation into your daily life, whether for your home-to-work, utilitarian or lucrative trips. By participating, you can: Asserting yourself as an ambassador for sustainable mobility, health and healthy lifestyles with your colleagues and those around you — reducing GHG emissions related to your travel, reducing your stress and fatigue, improved productivity and physical health, etc. Run the chance to be rewarded for your commitment — several participation prizes to be won.
  • I already use a sustainable mode of transportation to get to work or school. Why register?
    We need your help to encourage your colleagues to discover sustainable modes of transport. Act as an ambassador within your organization ! By participating, you are also helping to earn points for your organization and you will have the chance to win one of the many participation prizes.
  • Who can register as an organization?
    Any Quebec organization can register (private company, educational institution, municipality, non-profit organization, etc.). Organizations are classified into three regional categories (for small, medium and large organizations) and one supra-regional category (for organizations that own buildings in several regions of Quebec, and who wish to compete under the same banner).
  • Who can register as a participant?
    Anyone can register. You can participate with your organization (workplace or school) to help them earn points. It is also possible to register as an individual participant.
  • How do I register my organization for the Challenge?​
    To register your organization: Fill in the registration form for online organizations available on the registration page  ; If applicable, don't forget to update your information! You will receive your organization code by email (check your junk mail, if you haven't received it in your main box). Keep this email precisely because you will have to communicate this code to your employees and/or your student community at the end of August. That's it ! Your organization's registration is complete. With your email address and password, you will have access to your dashboard. You will then see the participants who register in your organization.
  • À quoi servent les succursales?
    Les succursales permettre à une organisation possédant des édifices dans plusieurs régions de compétitionner et cumuler des points sous un même nom.
  • What if my organization is present in different regions?
    If you want to manage all buildings in your organization from a single dashboard: Create a single account with your head office address and region. Enter the total number of employees and students, all buildings combined. Once logged into the dashboard, click on the "Create a branch" tab and create the regional buildings. They will be displayed in the participant registration form.
  • I can't choose the region in the registration form on the Challenge web platform, what can I do?
    The settings of your work computer may block some functionality of our website. Use your cell phone or personal computer if you experience this problem.
  • I am the coordinator of an organization, but I also want  to participate in the Challenge. How to do it?​
    Unfortunately, on the platform, you will need to use a different email address (your home address, for example) to register as a participant.
  • I was coordinator of an organization last year, but my duties have changed and I want to transfer the management of the account to a colleague. How to do it?
    You simply need to create a new account with the contact details of the new coordinator of your organization and then write to us to specify which of the two accounts is valid so that we can merge them.
  • What if my organization is not registered?
    Contact your organization's human resources department or one of your works councils (green committee, health committee, etc.), who can coordinate the Défi sans auto solo internally. If you wish, you can, with your organization's authorization, become a coordinator of the Défi sans auto solo and mobilize your colleagues to participate. If you wish to participate without your organization being registered, you can simply refrain from selecting an organization in the participant registration form and thus participate as an individual. You will still be eligible for participation prizes.
  • What are the competition categories of the Challenge without Solo Auto?
    There are four possible categories of competition in the Challenge without Solo Auto: ​ The three regional categories (small, medium and large organizations) are defined by the number of participating employees/students. The threshold for these categories varies by region of organization registration. ​ The supraregional category was created for organizations that own buildings in several regions of Quebec, and wish to compete under the same banner.
  • How can organizations  win the Challenge without solo auto?
    Four criteria are used to define the winning companies of the Défi sans auto solo and were chosen in a spirit of fairness: Participation rate: the percentage of employees or students who participate in the Challenge ; Modal shift rate: the percentage of employees or students whose usual mode of transportation is a solo car and who chose an alternative mode of transportation during the Challenge week ; Rate of use of sustainable modes of transport: the percentage of employees or students who have already developed the habit of using sustainable modes of transport_8df6fbcc-43d3- 3d99-a511-2eb009ed8a2d_; Greenhouse gases saved: the amount of GHGs saved by the use of sustainable modes of transport during the week of the Challenge (according to the FAQDD calculation tool).< /p>
  • How can I  win the Challenge without solo car as a participant?
    Participation prizes are drawn at random, in each region, among participants who are registered in the corresponding region.​
  • What if auto-detection does not work?
    1. Make sure permissions are all enabled (Physical Activity and Location) 2. Make sure you have the latest version of the app (see the link on the web or App Store) 3. If it still doesn't work, log out, close the app, reopen the app and log back in 4. If it still doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the app 5. Otherwise, try to create a new account or use the manual modeel
  • What if I forgot my password?
    Please use the "Forgot your password?" of the login form. This will allow you to reset your password and access your account.
  • What is the personal data collected by Défi sans auto solo used for?
    This information will be used only by the administrators of this contest for statistical purposes and to determine the winners.
  • How to record a trip in manual mode?
    You can manually record your trips under the "Movement" tab, by tapping the "!" then " My move does not appear". Provide the following information to submit your trip: Mode of transportation Start (date+time) Duration Distance in kilometers *In manual mode, you cannot add more than 5 trips per day. *You must register your moves before XX to complete the Challenge.
  • How do I enter a telework trip?
    When registering a telework trip, you must indicate the number of kilometers you would have traveled to get to and from work. This information allows us to calculate the greenhouse gases that are saved by not traveling (compared to your usual mode of transport).
  • What are DSA points?
    DSA points allow you to buy participation vouchers to win several prizes directly in the Challenge shop without a solo car. As soon as you complete your registration on the app, you can start earning points. You'll get points for traveling in sustainable mode of transport, unlocking badges, and leveling up. To have enough DSA points to buy participation vouchers in the shop, you must however pass the Challenge.
  • What can I buy in the app store?
    The Défi sans auto solo boutique allows you to buy entry forms to win various prizes of all kinds. You will find gift certificates for shops, restaurants or services. You will also find different items from your favorite shops. To purchase entries, you must accumulate DSA points. You can spend your points as soon as the shop opens. Prices in the store are categorized by region. You can buy participation certificates for prizes offered across Quebec, from businesses in your region or from other regions. You have until October 7 to purchase your entries in the store. The winners will be contacted afterwards and the prizes will be mailed.
  • L'adresse courriel d'une participante ou d'un participant est anonyme ou ne correspond pas à son adresse professionnelle/personnelle. Pourquoi?
    Il existe plusieurs façons de se connecter à l'application mobile, dont l'option de se connecter via son compte Apple qui active la fonctionnalité « Masquer mon adresse e-mail ». Elle permet de créer des adresses e-mail uniques et aléatoires que vous pouvez utiliser avec des apps, des sites web et plus encore afin que votre adresse e-mail personnelle demeure privée. Elle accompagne iCloud+ et le service « Connexion avec Apple ». Pour en savoir plus, consultez cette page.

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